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About Us


Moozie the Cow™ is a kind, gentle cow. She is the ambassador of kindness for the Children's Kindness Network and uses Always Be Kind as her motto.


Moozie® is a lovable, compassionate children's icon devoted to helping pre-k and kindergarten children discover the universal benefits of kind behavior and kind acts. Moozie was created by Ted Dreier. Learn more about Moozie's background and creator.


Moozie® helps children learn methods for exhibiting kindness to others, to animals, the earth and to themselves. She is a powerful image and central character who teaches, represents and recognizes kind acts and deeds.


Children, parents and teachers can discover Moozie the Cow™ through four approaches; the mesmerizing presentations by the near life-size robotic Moozie, through the Moozie's Kind Adventure storybook, through utilizing the soft and adorable Moozie hand puppet, and and through her creative classroom kindness graphics and activities.


Moozie the Cow™ is a powerful teaching tool. Developed by teachers for teachers of preschool age children, Moozies's curriculum kit blends both cognitive and social emotional development skills into a variety of engaging activities.


Associating kindness with the lovable character Moozie® helps the children remember and internalize the principles that are learned.