Our Kindness Ambassador

Moozie the Cow is the ambassador of kindness for the Children's Kindness Network, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) www.childrenskindnessnetwork.org. The Children's Kindness Network (CKN) brings new programs and materials on kindness to assist busy early childhood teachers and parents. The message of kindness is brought through specially developed kindness teaching materials, music, presentations and puppetry.

Children connect with Moozie whether in the form of a puppet, costumed, or a animated robotic cow. With this special relationship, the children listen to Moozie's message of kindness -- being kind to the earth, being kind to each other, being kind to animals, and being kind to ourselves.

As a talking robotic cow, Moozie comes with a series of pre-programmed messages and songs that coordinate with her lifelike movements. From a keypad, her operator can select the desired program. Programs can take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of discussion the leader wishes to include beyond the scope of Moozie's programmed message.

There are Moozie puppets across the United States, and even Australia. Moozie robotic cows currently reside in Franklin, TN; Charlotte, NC; and Vallejo, CA. In Vallejo, Moozie is part of a three-acre teaching farm. The children visit the pigs, ducks, etc. and then go to a barn and listen to Moozie talk about kindness. She has become one of the main attractions at the farm. On an annual basis, between 25,000-30,000 children are exposed to MoozieÕs message of kindness with that number growing each year.

What was began with Moozie the talking robotic cow in 1998, has now become a nonprofit organization (CKN) dedicated to teaching children about kindness. Moozie started as a simple garage project for founder Ted Dreier, who grew up on a Kansas dairy farm. But, when it was discovered that the children loved Moozie and paid close attention to what she was saying about kindness, Moozie took on a life of her own. Seeing the impact that Moozie had on children, Ted stepped back from his corporate life as a public speaker in 1998 and committed his energy and time to building a culture of kindness with the goal of reducing violence and bullying among children.

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