Moozie Teaches Kindness Curriculum Kit

 This popular kit includes a Moozie puppet, music, reading materials and 101 activities for pre-K social/emotional development. Kindness imprinting is at its height in pre-K years.

A preschool kindness development curriculum that really works. Download Flyer (PDF)

From teachers ...

"Parents tell me their children talk about her (Moozie) every night at home."

"What a success. It's amazing! The children who most need it are so totally changed by Moozie."

"A student who had 5-6 'melt downs' per day has made such a change that other teachers are noticing the positive change and complementing him — which has built his self esteem."

And from a parent ...

"My child has suddenly morphed into this caring, kind, cooperative child!"

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