Goals and needs

Goals for CKN

1. Provide kindness materials for 200 classroms of at-risk preschool children.

2. Provide at least 50 programs of kindness for at risk children with Moozie the robotic talking cow.

3. Develop and provide training sessions for teachers, parents, and caregivers on teaching kindness.

4. Update the CKN web site to better explain the impact of CKN's kindness mission using informative video downloads.

Needs Statement

1. $10,000 to provide kindness learning kits for 200 classrooms (approximately 4,400 students).

2. $15,000 to sponsor "Moozie's Kind Adventure" storybooks for 1,000 low income pre-K students.

3. $10,000 to provide live Moozie presentations.

4. $5,000 for development of teacher training curriculum and supplies for teaching kindness.