A message from the founder

The media continually reminds us of the violence among children, including the problem of bullying. The Children's Kindness Network is a network of people dedicated to building a culture of kindness beginning with Pre-K.

It's much less expensive to reach a child's mind when they are young, with minds like sponges, than when they are older--just like it is less expensive to put a good foundation under a building than to constantly repair the crumbling walls later.

Through the impact of Moozie the Cow, the ambassador of kindness for the Children's Kindness Network, children connect with the message of kindness, whether it is being kind to each other, the earth, animals or ourselves.

It is recognized that the social and emotional impact of kindness teaching is a very important part of cognitive learning in early childhood. Also, when children show more kindness behavior and respect, it is easier for the teacher to teach.

Parents tell the teachers how their children are talking to them about Moozie and how kindness makes Moozie happy. One parent told what happened when their 7-year-old son said something that wasn't kind-- their 5-year-old daughter said "Moozie wouldn't like it that you said that".

On a more personal note, I will have to admit that when I built a talking robotic cow as a garage project, I had no idea that Moozie would impact children, something that was initially discovered at a Head Start School in Denton, Texas in 1998.

Seeing this impact was very significant to me, since I had been visiting a young man in jail for one and a half years who was being charged for having killed a man. When I saw the impact that Moozie had on those young children at the Head Start School, I stepped back from my corporate life as a public speaker, at age 60, and committed this chapter of my life to reducing violence. And yes, it was quite a shift to go from being a business man, to starting a nonprofit and being a full time volunteer — a motivational change from money to mission.

It has been a rewarding experience to see others become a part of the Children's Kindness Network as we all try to make this a better planet You might say we are all planting trees that we will never sit in the shade of.

What if we all dreamed that in 50 years there would be half the number of jail inmates because of a reduction in violent crime? The answer is not in building more jails, it is in reaching children in the formative years.

I would love to have you become a part of the Children's Kindness Network. Please feel free to contact me at: ted@moozie.com.