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Learn more about the lovable cow Moozie and her message of kindness.


Moozie the Cow is a lovable, compassionate children's icon.


Listen to Moozie's theme song or a sample of her orchestral pieces.


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Moozie has been featured in two commissioned pieces for orchestra and narrator: Moozie's Kind Adventure and Moozie's Orchestra Adventure. She also has her own theme song!

Moozie Theme Song

Listen to the Moozie theme song!

Moozie's Orchestra Adventure (sample)

Tiny Tinny Triangle is new to the orchestra and wants to find his sound. Moozie the kind cow leads him through the sections of the orchestra where he meets the instruments—some kind, and some not.

Moozie's Kind Adventure (sample)

Moozie's Kind Adventure is the charming story of Moozie saving three ducklings from a stampeding herd of cattle—all due to her kind attitude.